Aquasis Deluxe Resort & Spa


Setting guest satisfaction as its primary objective since the day it was opened, our hotel will soon be welcoming you again. As the Aquasis Family, we are also keeping a keen eye on the Covid-19 pandemic as it affected not only you but the whole globe. During these days of normalization, we have been making regulations within the facility in order for you to have the best holiday experience and now we are ready and looking forward to the day we will meet you again. Whilst implementing these regulations, we have made sure that we took utmost precautions by following both the national and international policies of fighting against Covid-19, working along with our supplier and consultant companies who are internationally acknowledged. We are also promoting the Hygiene Certification and Measures for the Tourism Establishments issued by the Ministry of Health and Ministry of Tourism of the Republic of Turkey.

All options have been taken into consideration for a possible case and the action plan for such situations is at the ready. The products we purchase from our suppliers and those we manufacture at the facility will be served to our esteemed guests following all the required hygiene controls and as per the terms and conditions specified by HACCP and ISO 22000 as well as the additional official recommendations.

In that;


  • We have put up info diagrams, signboards and stickers regarding the Covid-19 Pandemic all around the facility in order to keep you informed

  • We have taken hygiene and disinfection measures at the service areas of the hotel where contact occurs and developed a monitoring system via routine controls.

  • Your temperature will be taken at the entrance by the appointed members of staff

  • Prioritizing the health of our guests, Social Distance Rules will be applied throughout the entire facility –these rules have been indicated via warning tapes.

  • We will facilitate the check-in procedure at the Reception with minimum contact and forward you to your disinfected rooms.

  • We have limited the number of people in the elevators by %50

  • We have disinfected the entire facility, making it suitable for use as well as placing Disinfection Units at various locations within the facility.

  • The Rooms will be swept with ozone Sterilizer and the maids wear disposable masks and gloves.

  • We have placed Disposal Units all around the facility for the purpose of disposing the used masks and gloves.

  • We have prepared a menu of various dishes for our esteemed guests by combining rich menus and gourmet tastes

  • We have completed the routine health controls of all of the staff members and developed a monitoring system.

  • Beverages services at the bars will be made straight to the guests.

  • Service will be provided at 3 main restaurants, 2 snack restaurants and 6 a la carte restaurants by paying utmost attention to social distancing and hygiene rules.

  • As per the social distance rules, we have issued regulations for the use of the beach, swimming pool and the Aquapark.

  • We have ensured that the swimming pool water is maintained with appropriate chemicals at pre-instructed levels so as to prevent any risks.

  • Spa and Fitness Departments will admit guests via a reservation system. The facilities such as the hammam, sauna and massage rooms have been extra disinfected and the materials to be used have been prepared as per the hygiene rules.

  • We care about the children too. There are entertainment personnel for the Kids’ Club. We have placed Disposal Units all around the facility for the purpose of disposing the used masks and gloves.