Kids’ World | Aquasis Deluxe Resort & Spa

Neverland Mini Club

Neverland is spread over 2000 m2 land, of which 500 m2 is indoors, offering leisure and activity centers, kids shows, Mini Disco, Ice Age themed Crash & Eddie Aquapark, Kids pool, 250 m2 indoors Games Room. There are also entertaining and educating activities for age groups of 04-08 and 09-14, kids buffet in the restaurant and high chairs.

Opening Hours:

10:00–12:30 / 14:30–17:00 / 20:00-22:30

Neverland Activity Room

The children will spend their time with board games, box games and handcraft activities and the holiday will become fun for the whole family.

Neverland Ball Pit

The children will just roll into colorful balls, throwing them around and sliding down the slides…

Neverland Kids’ Cinema

In the Neverland Kids’ Club Cinema, we play movies and cartoons for the children in their own language.

Mini Disco Show


It is worth to see the joy and laughter of the children enjoying being a Child to the fullest at the Mini Disco Show where the children just lose it having fun and even the parents want to be children themselves.